When Is The Best Time To Re-finance a Home Mortgage In Australia

Paying off a home mortgage home mortgage takes a dedicated effort over a number of years. During this time your personal circumstances may alter, finances might change, and loan providers will vary their interest repayment rates according to financial markets. As a borrower, you might watch for a better deal, however there are a range of factors to think about before moving ahead and refinancing your loan.

Refinancing your home mortgage is a strategy that could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It is a valid and often necessary approach to ensure you are getting the best possible deal, although there are also barriers that could make re-financing your home mortgage a bad idea.

Refinancing is a good idea in some circumstances:

  • Your financial situation changes considerably
  • Your lender isn’t providing a good rate compared to competitors
  • A need to maximize some money for other projects or another loan
  • You require to consolidate financial obligations such as credit cards
  • It’s a great time to switch to a fixed or variable rate of payment

Refinancing can be a bad idea if:

  • Penalty rates for leaving your present contract are high
  • You are planning on selling the property in the near future
  • Your credit history is bad, and refinancing at a lower rate is unlikely
  • Your income is irregular or unpredictable

A mortgage requires honest appraisal of your monetary situation, and the capability to project your circumstance into the future with a degree of accuracy. Your goal in refinancing might include flexibility, debt consolidation or a lower rate. Your estimations need to include any charges that are used when making the modification. These include loan application, stamp duty, legal charges, valuation, plus entry and exit fees connected to your present loan agreement.

Establish a great relationship with your lender

You may have already thought about re-financing your mortgage and spoken with agents of contending lending institutions. If so, you will have seen that lending institutions are individuals just like you and me. Some of them will be forthcoming with information and answer your questions to your complete satisfaction. Others may be evasive or even aggressive in getting you to sign an agreement. If you feel uncomfortable with a specific loan provider, it could suggest that he or she is not the one for you.

If a loan provider is moving too slowly with your loan approval, or doesn’t communicate well and make themselves offered when you require, it might be time to look elsewhere. You can also make your intentions clear with your present loan provider. You might be surprised at the lengths they will go to in order to keep you as a customer. It’s not unusual for a loan provider to waive charges or alter your fixed/variable rate totally free of charge to keep your business.

Selecting the right time to refinance

If you have actually locked your repayments into a set rate over a duration of five years, for example, you should start your investigation several months before the five years is up. Throughout the time you have actually been paying the fixed rate the variable rate might have fallen substantially, and it may be a good opportunity to alter to variable. This is in some cases an appealing alternative when you are making more than previously and have the capacity to make extra lump sum payments on your loan. The outcome will be that the principal (total amount owing) is paid off sooner.

Remember though, that rates are constantly fluctuating, and a great variable rate today does not guarantee it will stay so throughout the following years. The reverse also applies. When rates of interest are low (both fixed and variable) it might be a great time to lock into a set rate. Eventually, the variable rate will inevitably increase again, and you might discover you are paying much less interest throughout the next few years with your new repaired rate.

Find the break-even point

As soon as you have established the competitors lending rate, and factored in all fees, taxes and charges, you will need to do your sums. Your new rate must be appealing enough to cover the costs and leave you in a much better financial situation in the present and moving on. Finding the break-even point and saving money needs to be the major aspects that are utilized to determine your choice.